It’s already been a long day. For one thing it’s cold and raining! I woke up at 6, yelled upstairs to make sure everyone was awake and proceeded with our morning routine. Right before I’m walking out the door at 6:55 to take Cameron & Kahlil to football practice, I tell Isaiah to put Shado, our dog away. (The last thing I wanted was a muddy wet dog jumping on me! …oh if only it were that simple!!) I looked out the laundry room window to see Isaiah having a hard time and Shado still running around.

So the twins and I go outside to help him. As I walk into the garage, I’m overwhelmed by this rancid smell and I look down to see there’s poop and piss everywhere!!! I mean EVERYWHERE!! Not solid poop either… soupy brown wet diarrhea liquid poop scattered everywhere!! WHAT THE HELL?? Already my heart is pounding and my head is hurting! Why? Because who do you think has to clean this crap up?! I look at my phone, it’s already 7:05, the twins have to be at practice by 7:20 which means I’m already running late.

I yell at all of them, “just grab him” …because I mean how hard can it be to grab a wet dog who somehow managed to take his collar off somewhere in the process. All I see is them grabbing fur and Shado being just as stubborn as he wants to be. So he darts off and take a wild gross guess as to what happens next. He-the dog-freaking slips in his own poop!!

As he gets up, what does any wet dog do, he FREAKING STARTS SHAKING!! Water, Piss & Poop flinging everywhere!! I can’t even scream cause I’m in utter shock!! Luckily none of it landed on us, but I’m furious at this point!!

Finally Isaiah snatches him up and shoves him into his crate. Shado, who is only 11 months old, but damn near 80lbs starts whining!! Oh I’m sure he wants to be bathed, rubbed, and loved on ….but in my mind, I’m getting ready to become a neglectful owner and keep him in that crate until somebody gets home from school!! I take several deep breaths, tell the twins to get in the car and take them to practice.

It’s 7:38, I’m back at home rushing. Taylor has to be at school by 7:55 and AJ & Isaiah have to be at school by 8. I am so thankful Taylor got herself in the shower and got dressed! I feed her, they grab their stuff and we’re out the door by 7:52!

8:40, everyone’s dropped off and I’m back at home, parked in my driveway, with the garage door open looking at piss, poop, rain puddles and Shado. Half of me wants to leave his ass in that crate and ignore the stressful task ahead of me. The other half wants to post his profile on Craigslist to prevent this from being my problem in the future! (Perhaps I’ll do both!) So I just sit there in my car, it’s quiet, no radio, no noise, just the sound of rain and stress!

On the Welcome Page of my blog, I wrote that I created One More Than Six partially with the purpose of venting…so with that being said, this is me venting.  Is there a lesson to be learned? …. uh maybe… make sure the kids close the garage door when the dog goes out? Ha! Yeah right, my boys won’t remember that! They barely remember to close the refrigerator door! Did I get some divine revelation to slow down or do this or do that? Uh, nope!! If anything I just further realized, it truly is just one of those mornings!

So what happened to Shado? Well it’s 10:43 am and I’m sipping coffee and writing this…so obviously he’s still in his crate, I can hear him whining! Don’t judge me by saying ‘poor dog’ either!! Once I post this, I will head to the store to buy some cat litter. I read online that it will absorb the piss and poop so I can at least sweep it up. Has anyone tried this?? Lord knows I’m praying this works!! Otherwise, what? If I wipe it, it’ll smear! UGH! I just gagged! (I hope no one’s eating breakfast reading this!!)

(Sigh) Sometimes you can wake up and have a truly “good” morning….and then there are mornings like these! Life happens!

The scripture I’m gonna be mediating on while I’m cleaning this crap up:

James 1: 2-3 (TLB) Dear Brothers, is your life full of difficulties and temptations? Then be happy for when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow.

And how many of you know cleaning up piss and poop that’s covering my entire garage floor is difficult and rough…Lord I’m praying for more patience because Shado was about to have a new owner this morning!




Author: One More Than Six

Welcome to my Happy, Loud, Crazy, Fun, Loving Blog! I am a Wife & Mom to Four Teenage Boys & a Little Princess. My life is full of adventures, misadventures, chaos and just plain busyness! There's never a dull moment! So follow me as I navigate through this uncharted course of motherhood! It’s definitely going to be entertaining! Believe me, with five children, I’ve got plenty of stories to tell! XOXO

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  1. I wasn’t ready for the poop and priss story because I cringe at all things gross…but this story gave me LIFE!!! Thank you Lord for the difficult days, they make me appreciate the blah days so much more. Great and funny read! Loved it.

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