Write the Vision & Make it Plain…

Happy 2017 Y’all! After a short hiatus, I’m back with an activity I’m certain you & your teenager will enjoy doing together.

At the beginning of every year, it never fails to hear Habakkuk 2:2 echoing in my spirit: “Write the vision and make it plain, that he may run that reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie. Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come.” Wow, isn’t God good! He’s basically say, write down the vision you see for your life & run for it! And even though it may seem like it’s not going to happen, trust that it surely will!  So you guessed it, I’m talking about making a Vision Board!!

We’ve been making vision boards for the last eight years and I absolutely love them! What better way to gauge where you are and where you want & need to be? And last night, that was proven true more than I think my boys wanted.

As they crossed out what they accomplished in 2016, it was an eye-opening experience for all of us. It was interesting watching two of my sons’ puff up with pride about how many goals they accomplished, while my other two sat back with disappointment that they didn’t come as far as they thought or hoped.

After watching them cheer & sulk, I figured it was a good time to be the encouraging-with-a-little-bit-of-nag Mom and give my “it’s time for you to take ownership of your future” speech. (You know, because sometimes parents do know what they’re talking about!) Normally the eye roll happens about 5 minutes in, but this time I was amazed, they were all attentive!

I think they finally agreed that time is of the essence. High school is flying by… then what? They have a lot they want to achieve and we have a lot of expectations of them before they are college bound. What better way to get them on the right track than with vision boards!

All you need to get started is an 11×17 sheet of paper or poster board, a bunch of old magazines (Half Price Books sells them for $1), stickers, markers/colored pencils, scissors & glue stick.

I had my boys divide their paper into these sections & I asked these questions to get them thinking.

SPRITIUAL: How can you want to improve your relationship with Jesus? Read a Bible chapter a day? Memorize a scripture every week? Pray more?

FAMILY: Write down Mom, Dad, and each sibling’s name. Beside each name, write how you want to improve your relationship with them. Can you & that brother argue less? Encourage him/her more? Spend more 1-on-1 time?  How can you and that sibling grow closer?

ACADEMICS: What’s your current GPA? Which classes do you need to study more for? What’s your current ACT/SAT score? Since my boys are in high school, they also wrote down their top 5 college choices with the admission requirements and tuition cost so they can see what it takes to be admitted.

 ATHLETICS: Write down the sport you play and how you can improve. Football- how many tackles do you want this fall? Receptions? Touchdowns? Track- How will you improve your time? Basketball- how many points do you want to average? Rebounds, Assists? Wrestling- do you want to lose weight or gain weight? What technique do you want to improve? They also had to write down their current stats so they can see how much they need to improve.

OVERALL: Simply put, how can you improve as a person? Be more consistent? Help out more around the house without being asked? What can you do to be the best YOU?

DREAMS: Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you want to be when you grow up? What dream do you have for your life?

Then they decorated it with stickers, magazine phrases/slogans & pictures of something that spoke encouragement to them as it relates to that section. For example, next to Spiritual, they glued their favorite Bible verses and next to Athletics they had sayings such as Beast Mode or Nike’s slogan Just Do It.

Obviously you can choose your own topics, but I promise you this is the BEST way to connect with your teen & get them thinking about their future. It’s easy to let our teenagers get caught up in the day-to-day nothingness of social media and become stagnant. They assume they have all the time in the world, then graduate high school and either they’re prepared or they’re not. This activity will prepare them to see the bigger picture.

Even my 7yo daughter had fun creating her vision board. For academics, she wrote, “be a better reader, writer, speller and do good at math!” and for athletics, since she runs track, she wrote, “be fast and beat all the girls!” LOL!

Unlike previous years where my husband & I checked annually for accomplishments, this time around, we will do quarter checks. In other words, every three months, we will sit down and discuss if they are on the right track towards achieving what they wrote.

The greatest part about making vision boards is that there is no wrong way to go about it! It’s your life, your vision!! But I promise you, God’s Word is true—Write the Vision & Make it Plain—and He will bring it to pass!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.




Author: One More Than Six

Welcome to my Happy, Loud, Crazy, Fun, Loving Blog! I am a Wife & Mom to Four Teenage Boys & a Little Princess. My life is full of adventures, misadventures, chaos and just plain busyness! There's never a dull moment! So follow me as I navigate through this uncharted course of motherhood! It’s definitely going to be entertaining! Believe me, with five children, I’ve got plenty of stories to tell! XOXO

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