me3It’s Nicole! Don’t you recognize me?

I’m that stranger you stare at because you’re wondering if all these kids belong to me?! Why yes they do! No, the boys are not quadruplets and yes, this pretty little girl has all those big brothers! Thank you so much for saying I look too young to have this many kids and trust me, I know you can’t imagine what my grocery bill looks like because I’m still trying to comprehend it myself!

How do I do it? HA! Funny you should ask, lots of Prayer & Discipline I suppose! My life is far from perfect, but it is awesome! It’s the life God has blessed me with and I wouldn’t change any of it!! Like every other Mom, there are good days, bad days and days I somehow miss because I’m on auto-pilot. Some days I want to cuddle up with my teenage sons like their toddlers again, and other days I want to punch the crap out of them for doing dumb stuff! And then there’s my daughter who I’m hoping time slows down for so she can be my little princess forever!

So while I do smile more days than I frown, I’m still figuring out how to navigate through this uncharted course of motherhood! I certainly hope you’ll join me and help me at the pit stops along the way. It’s definitely going to be entertaining! Believe me, with five children, I’ve got plenty of stories to tell!



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